Teen Mothers and Social Pathology

Joel Snell and Saul Mekies Kirkwood College Department of Social Studies P.O. Box 2068 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406

A Review of the Role of Hippocamps in Memory

Sunday Aderemi Adeyemo School of Health and Community Studies North East Wales Institute Of Higher Education Mold Road, Plas Coch, Wrexham, North Wales United Kingdom This paper reviews the role of the hippocampus in relation to memory. A distinction is Continue reading ?

Combatting Terrorism: An Immodest Proposal

Elliott Schuman Long Island University Revenge-motivated responses to terrorists' acts may prove counterproductive. One reason is that indiscriminate methods of surveillance and investigation evoke resentment. If we wish to exemplify the values we cherish— freedom and fairness—we should first attempt Continue reading ?

Effective Leadership Focuses on Positive Assertiveness Using the Basic Principles of Third Force Psychology

Russell N. Cassel, Ed.D, ABPP, FAASP Cassel Research Institute 1362 Santa Cruz Court, Chula Vista, California 91910-7114 Leadership is defined in the dictionary as “to influence or induce others in direction, course of action or opinion.” In a democracy where Continue reading ?

Effects of Relaxation, Positive Self-Statement, & Distraction on Math Performance

Yasuko Yamamota-Landrum and Joanne D. Altman Washburn University of Topeka Department of Psychology Topkea, Kansas 66621 Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of relaxation, positive self?statement, and distraction on math test performance. Participants in both expenments took two Continue reading ?

Clearing The Wrongly Convicted Through DNA Testing: A Review of Scheck, Neufeld, & Dwyer's (2000) “Actual Innocence”

Jacob Goldstein San Diego, CA Efforts by Scheck, Neufeld, and many others whom they mention to clear by means of DNA testing persons who have been accused of major crimes have been greatly facilitated by improvements in DNA techniques, which Continue reading ?

Presidential Libido & Leadership: Nixon and Clinton

Bernard Mackler, Ph.D 5 Lenox Place Scarsdale, New York 10583 Nixon and Clinton were and are crafty politicians. Both lack character, even as measured and compared by political standards. They both went beyond the pale on what is acceptable behavior. Continue reading ?

Predicting When Absences from Work Begin

James Lowell Jordan and Deovina Nasis Jordan University of California. Los Angeles Research was conducted in a hospital in Ontario, Canada to predict when absences from work begin. The data were collected from 223 persons over three years. The results Continue reading ?