A Subjective And Objective Assessment Of Journals In Educational Psychology

Jared M. Bartels & Susan Magun-Jackson University of Memphis Joseph J. Ryan & Laura A. Glass University of Central Missouri The purpose of the present study was to obtain ratings of educational psychology journals among APA Division 15 Fellows and … Continue reading ?

Life Cycle Loneliness Curve

Joel C. Snell and Mitchell Marsh Introduction Tonnies and Durkeheim (Macionis, 2005) suggested that loneliness and or social isolation are correlated with industrial societies. Current research would also support these observations. In both industrial and post industrial societies, the extended … Continue reading ?

Preparing Preservice Teachers: Providing Service To Students At Risk For Violence

Dr. Helen Brantley, Dr. Lucinda Barron & Dr. George E. Hicks South Carolina State University Several cases have cited violent random shootings and killings by youths across the country in schools and the surrounding areas. On February 19, 1997, a … Continue reading ?

Presentation Of Career-Related Information In Abnormal Psychology Textbooks

Blaire E. Durington, Kimberly Stark-Wroblewski, Patricia L. Hager, David S. Kreiner, and Joseph J. Ryan University of Central Missouri We evaluated the presentation of professional psychology and other mental health related careers in a sample of abnormal psychology textbooks (N … Continue reading ?

Fortuitous Exposition To The Benefit Effect Of Consuming Fruits And Vegetables On Eating Behavior: An Experimental Evaluation During Courses Of Undergraduate Students In Social Behavior

Dr. Nicolas Guéguen, Angélique Martin & Dr. Martine Vion Université de Bretagne-Sud Dr. Marcel Lourel Université de Rouen Incidental exposition to information about the positive effect of consuming fruits and vegetables was studied during statistics courses of undergraduate’s students in … Continue reading ?