Conflicting Views On Homosexuality: Christian Vs. Christian

Joel C. Snell Kirkwood College Introduction This article will compare research from a conservative evangelical research institute and two mainstream best selling introductory sociology and psychology textbooks by authors of Christian colleges. All three of the sources are Christian; how … Continue reading ?

An Essay …And I Never Even Knew Them

Michelle M. Simpson Pierce, Simpson, Shedoin Law Office Bowling Green, Kentucky This is the story of a girl the named of Christina Roberts. Christina is the adopted daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Michael Roberts. The Roberts adopted her when she … Continue reading ?

Developing Trust – And Distrust – In Higher Education

The Editors Of Psychology & Education Have Selected This Article For Republication? Casimir J. Kowalski South Carolina State University Joseph P. Cangemi Western Kentucky University Higher education has been losing ground with the public, in general, and even with many … Continue reading ?

Student Perceptions Of Good Teaching From Elementary To Graduate School

Lawrence Weinstein, Antonio V. Laverghetta, & John F. Geiger Cameron University Scott A. Peterson Southwestern Minnesota State University Sue Fuson Lawton Public Schools This study was done to determine if perception of good teaching differs between various grade levels. A … Continue reading ?

Let The Stars Be Your Guide Through Troubled Times: The Relationship Between Noctcaelador And Coping

William E. Kelly Robert Morris University Kathryn E. Kelly Northwestern State University This study examined the relationship between interest in night-sky watching (noctcaelador) and coping styles. University students (N=251) completed the Noctcaelador Inventory (NI) and the Problem-Focused Style of Coping … Continue reading ?

Religiosity Vs. Humanity: A Struggle For Enjoyment Of Life

Robert F. McClure & Jennifer Vaughan The University of Texas at Tyler Does religious belief and belief in a life in heaven after death affect one’s enjoyment of life on earth? Some writers argue that a belief in heaven inhibits … Continue reading ?

The Role Of Emotion In Motivation To Learn In Psychoanalysis And The Motivational Systems Theory

Michalis P. Michaelides Cyprus In this note we discuss the role of emotion in motivation to learn. Two theoretical frameworks provide the context of the discussion. Psychoanalytic theory is one of the first traditions that argued for a powerful role … Continue reading ?