Accuracies of the 2008 Presidential Polls

Joel C. Snell Kirkwood College, Iowa Introduction At the polls this year all but one indicated that Obama would win the election. However, some were more accurate than others. We will discuss three areas. One is the accuracy in forecasting … Continue reading ?

Can Marijuana Cause Psychosis?

S.A. Adeyemo London Tottenham College Research indicates that the behavioral effects of D9 THC are moderated by receptors (Childers & Breivogel, 1998) to explain the significance of this, a basic description of brain physiology is required. Figure 2 shows the … Continue reading ?

Speculation About Dream Control

Don Gollub Research & Diagnostic Unit, El Dorado Correctional Facility Efforts to manipulate a factor or variable and observe the effect on dream content has been a focus of dream research. Efforts also have been undertaken to identify “exotic” (puzzling, … Continue reading ?

A Model of the Total Human Lifespan

Ibi Agiobu-Kemmer Department of Psychology University of Lagos, Nigeria This article advocates for a more holistic approach to theoretical conceptualizations of human life span development. A new model of the Total Human Lifespan is therefore proposed to fill in some … Continue reading ?

Bridging The Gap Between Staff and Participants: An Effective Violence Prevention Mentoring Program

Dr. Martha Jean Adams-Heggins P/I Director, South Carolina State University This article addresses how mentors bridge the gap between the staff and participants in a violence prevention program. The discussion focuses on key aspects of the mentoring program, such as … Continue reading ?