The Unreality Behind the Ideology of Deregulation

Howard F. Stein, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma Seth Allcorn, Ph.D. University of Missouri – Columbia This paper explores the group psychodynamics of anxiety, regression, and delusion that underlay the lure and tenacity of the American ideology of deregulation, a dogma … Continue reading ?

Eleven Commandments of Leadership Success

Dr. Joseph P. Cangemi Professor Emeritus of Psychology Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky Our previous editor, Dr. Joseph Cangemi, was asked for some of his ideas on leadership. He contributed Eleven Commandments of Leadership Success; a short but provocative … Continue reading ?

Athlete Attrition and Turnover: A Study Of Division I Female Athletes

Shelley H. Bradford and Christopher M. Keshock Department of HPELS University of South Alabama Mobile, Al 36688 Sport entrapment, overall sport dissatisfaction, coaches decision-making styles and attrition are major factors in the “turnover” of collegiate athletes. Based on self-reported data … Continue reading ?

The Psychological Effects of Children’s Illnesses: A Snapshot of a Toronto Hospital

Ami Rokach, Ph.D. York University, Toronto, Canada and the Centre for Academic Studies, Or Yehuda, Israel Maneli Parvini, B.A. York University, Toronto, Canada The article examines, and describes the variety of admissions to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Children, sick … Continue reading ?

Statistically Evaluating Multiple Comparisons Among Correlated Measures

Walter R. Schumm Kansas State University Janet R. Crow Baylor University Recently, scholars have reported multiple mean comparisons, using t-tests with small samples, in which few comparisons yielded statistical significance, despite low to moderate effect sizes. A model was proposed … Continue reading ?

The Feeling De Jour: A Therapist’s and Teacher’s Perspective on the Emotional Impairments of Exceptional Children

Craig A. Knippenberg LCSW, M.Div. and Philippe Ernewein, MA Combing a clinical and school-based perspective, the authors of this article examine how the critical ingredients of student affect and classroom environment impacts the learning of exceptional students. Those diagnosed with … Continue reading ?

Why More Psychology Majors Should Study Abroad

David C. Schwebel and Josh Carter University of Alabama at Birmingham A critical facet of the field of psychology is the study of behavior; one critical aspect of understanding human behavior is an understanding of cross-cultural behavioral differences. Experiential learning … Continue reading ?