Poor Sleep Quality Mediates Between Depression To Fatigue In A University Student Sample

Erica M. Valpiani, Rhonda F. Brown, Einar B. Thorsteinsson, & Don Hine University of New England, Australia Objective: Anxiety, depression and fatigue are frequently co-morbid disorders that are often related to poor sleep quality, although the nature of these associations … Continue reading ?

Student Cell Phone Use in College Classrooms

Kaitlin D. Hopke & Patricia A. Marsh University of Central Missouri We investigated students’ knowledge of their professor’s cell phone policy, the students’ cell phone use associated with the policy, and perceptions of tolerance for such usage in the classroom. … Continue reading ?

Parental Attitude And Psychopathology In Deaf Nigerian Children

Adebola Meletoyitan, Ph.D., Kayode Oguntuashe, Ph.D., & Ibi Agiobu -Kemmer, Ph.D. Department of Psychology University of Lagos Deaf and normal hearing high school boys and girls, aged 9.5 ~ 18.5yrs, (N=457), responded to a psychological instrument made up of ten … Continue reading ?

Attitude Toward Self-Dependence in Relation to Ordinal Position of Birth and Gender

Fatema-Tu-Zohra Binte Zaman Department of Psychology, Jagannath University Dhaka, Bangladesh Asoke Kumar Saha Department of Psychology, Jagannath University Dhaka, Bangladesh The study investigated whether the self-dependence of children is affected by their ordinal position and gender or not. A total … Continue reading ?

Leadership as Presence

Dr. Michael Rock Professor of Organizational Behavior University of Guelph, Ontario, Canadaand Bob Smith, MBA Director, Executive Education, North, Central, and South America, Bridgestone Americas Nashville, Tennessee Leadership as presence is different than leadership as position. In positional leadership, one … Continue reading ?

The Unreality Behind the Ideology of Deregulation

Howard F. Stein, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma Seth Allcorn, Ph.D. University of Missouri – Columbia This paper explores the group psychodynamics of anxiety, regression, and delusion that underlay the lure and tenacity of the American ideology of deregulation, a dogma … Continue reading ?