Investigating Semantic Inhibition in Retrieval-Induced Forgetting Using a Modified Independent Cue Task by Kenneth L. Carter

An important question when defining cognitive theories involves what happens to activated mental representations in memory that are no longer relevant to immediate processing needs. Numerous processing mechanisms have been implicated, including interference, inhibition and suppression. Inhibitory mechanisms have become … Continue reading ?

Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses of Students’ Assessment of Instruction by David M. McCord

The evaluation of teaching effectiveness is a major enterprise at most colleges and universities, and students’ assessment of instruction is usually a key component of this process. Most of the literature in the field focuses on objective, quantitative rating instruments, … Continue reading ?

The Scope of Cell Phone Research in the Psychological Literature by Chris Piotrowski & Steven J. Kass

Research on the topic of cell phones has proliferated over the past decade, particularly in scholarly publications. Thus, it would be of interest to examine the scope and extent of research emphasis on the topic. This paper reports on a … Continue reading ?

Touchdown: The Impact of a Sport Management Service-Learning Project by BerNadette Lawson-Williams

This article describes a service-learning project and its impact. It was designed to provide undergraduate physical education majors with a concentration in sport management at Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) an opportunity to use and strengthen their professional skills while … Continue reading ?

The Socio-Emotional Intelligence of Gifted and Talented Adolescents as a Possible Predictor of Future Career Success by Carol Apt

The term ‘gifted and talented’ is often bandied about with the tacit assumption that it denotes a youngster whose score on an IQ test is in the ‘above-average’ range and/or who receives consistently high grades in school. While some believe … Continue reading ?

Exploring the Mind of An Entrepreneur: An Interview with Albert Santalo by Joseph P. Cangemi

This article can provide some insight for today’s budding entrepreneurs. Not only is Albert Santalo’s brief biography inspiring, it also underscores an encouraging observation: Do what you love – there is a greater probability success will follow!

Too Connected to Care: A Society Lost in Cyberspace by Diane Hulett

A review of research on millennial Internet use suggests three specific challenges for leaders in the workplace. Digital natives exhibit an altered view of relationships, lack of tact, and inefficient multi-tasking skills. Suggestions are provided to improve performance outcomes.

The Relevance of Cultural Intelligence to Management Education by Pamela C. Laursen

Management education is at a crossroads. There is growing consensus that it must become more multidisciplinary in outlook, program offerings, and course curricula. Trends in globalization are having significant influences on the field. One of these influences is the growing … Continue reading ?

Book Review: Loneliness Updated: Recent Research on Loneliness and How it Affects Our Lives by A. Rokach (2013)

This edited book on loneliness is an important contribution to this expanding field. It is edited by Dr. Ami Rokach, a leading researcher on loneliness, who has published in the field for over 30 years. His insights on the devastating … Continue reading ?