Political Orientation and Occupational Values of College Youth Over the Last 45 Years

Joseph A. McFalls, Jr., Department of Sociology and Criminology, Villanova University Vincent D. Martini & David F. McNamara, Villanova University A research project began in 1969 to determine whether an association between political orientation and occupational values exists among college … Continue reading ?

The Effect of Humor on Preschoolers’ Motor Task Performance by Cassie N. Fichter & David S. Glenwick, Fordham University

This study examined the effects of humor on preschoolers’ performance and persistence on a motor skills task. Twenty-six children in the experimental group were instructed to throw balls into a basket involving a humorous situation (i.e., a clown baking a … Continue reading ?

A Comparison of the Predictive Validity of DIAL-R and DIAL-3 for Subsequent Special Education Eligibility by LuAnn Batson-Magnuson, East Stroudsburg University

This study was a comparison of the ability of the combined tasks in two versions of the Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning (DIAL): the Revised edition (N = 163) and the third edition (N = 147), using … Continue reading ?

A Proposal for Psychology Training Programs in Public Schools by Brian Syzdek, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

There is a current need for increased mental health services in public schools. The insufficiency of services and mental health personnel available for students has been identified by school personnel as the number one barrier to meeting student mental health … Continue reading ?

How Should the Possibilities of Relationship Dissolution, or Suicide, by Clients be Dealt with by Counselors? by Elliott Schuman, Long Island University

The ways most counselors have dealt psychotherapeutically with insecure relationships and suicidal ideation appear to have mutated. The author describes the measures he and other professionals employ when confronted with the possibilities that clients will dissolve their relationships, or take … Continue reading ?

A Hypothetical Technique for Combating Depressive Rumination by Dan Gollub, M.A.

Ruminating on negative content has been implicated in the onset and maintenance of depression. The passive focus involved in such rumination has been found to be a contributing factor to depression. A technique for combating such passive rumination is proposed. … Continue reading ?

Book Review: Eckhart, T. (2004). The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Novato, CA: New World Library, 235 pages.

Reviewed by Prof. Joel C. Snell, Emeritus, Kirkwood College This book originally came out in 1999 and new editions have followed. The book continues to sell. For those of us who have read our share of pop mysticism and other … Continue reading ?