Academic Stress in Postgraduate Student from a Private Peruvian University in the COVID-19 Context

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Manuel Angel Pérez Azahuanche et al.


The present research of descriptive scope with transectional design, is framed in the quantitative route, had like objective to measure the level of academic stress to which the students of postgraduate of the University Cesar Vallejo of Peru are put under, in the context COVID-19. The methodology highlights the application of an authorized instrument called SISCO Inventory for the measurement of academic stress, which was applied to 406 students of the masters and doctoral programs of the mentioned institution. The main results show the presence of academic stress in 93.3% of the students, with a high intensity that is explained by the fact that 83.3% are in levels 3, 4 and 5 of the scale, considering that 5 is the level of high stress. Finally, the main stressors found were the overload of daily academic activities, reactions to anxiety, anguish or desperation, and as the main coping strategy to recover the systemic balance, the analysis of the positive and negative arguments of the solutions designed to remedy the situations that generate the stress.

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