Football in Uzbekistan: Law, Leisure and Sociology

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Nigora Sabirjanovna Abdikadirova et al.


Relevance. In the process of development of the country, the value system plays an important role, to participate in politics and sports, to acquire a place in the world community. This will require specialists who carry out certain missions in these areas. Football is one such medium that works at the micro and macro levels.

Aim. This article was written with the aim of analysing the place of football in public and private life, socialization, in organizing people's leisure time, the situation of football in Uzbekistan, problems and their solutions.

Methods. Scientific methods were applied such as working with documents, comparative analysis, literature review, questionnaires, statistics, etc.

Results. As a result of the survey, the problems of football in the country and the decisions taken to eliminate them were clarified, as well as the role of football in leisure and socialization of the individual.

Conclusion. In the conclusion, conclusions are given on this topic.

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