Reflection of a Subjective Approach in Lexical, Semantic Means of Artistic Speech

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Zair Takhirov et al.


The meaning of a word is an expression of a thing in an objective being, an event and a reflection of reality in a subject. In addition, the word also has a logical part, in a figurative sense, it expresses the relationship of the subject to the object.

The article reveals the methodological meaning of “mucha” (sema) in artistic speech, which creates a subjective attitude to the object in the figurative sense of the word, the achievement of clarity and attractiveness of speech due to the expressive and stylistic coloring in this sense. Moreover, expressive-stylistic painting is based solely on the fact that a word is expressed through a certain meaning. In artistic discourse, they also talk about the phenomena of migratory speech.

The article analyzes existing ideas, which also focus on the study of artistic speech, as well as the author's own views on the subject.


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