India’s Coastline Can Become an Engine of Growth: An Economic Overview

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Ms. Snehal Y. Hole, Mr. Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere, Dr. Caterina De Lucia


The broader concept of the Blue Economy is associated with all economic activities which are directly or indirectly related to the coastal zone and ocean. The inseparable and at the same time linked ecosystem services are analyzed in this paper, which with the sustainability and aspect of prosperity based on crucial industries of the blue economy, that includes the Fisheries and that of the Aquaculture sector. It also takes account of Water Resources, alongside those of Shipping Transport, Marine Energy Minerals, Tourism, Genetic Resources, technologies, Biotechnology, applications in terms of pollution, instrumental in affecting the lives of human beings on earth. This is the descriptive type of research and data is collected from the secondary data collection method. This research paper mainly relies on the utilization and management of the oceans, seas, lakes, and river’s resources in a sustainable way. This paper analyzes the ever-changing and vague definition of blue economy and sustainable development of it. It is as a result of reviewing the approaches and the contextual perspectives known to be adopted in the process of defining this complexity of the concept. It has been concluding that Blue economy can become a crucial source of economic development.

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