Impact Of Environmental Awareness On Consumer Attitudes- A Study Of Selected Green Products

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Jubilee Goyal , Dr. H. S. Grewal


This study aims to find the impact of environmental awareness on consumer attitudes for selected green products. The research was done on 600 respondents, both professionals and non-professionals in the city of Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand, India. The objective was to study the respondent’s level of environmental awareness, to measure their level of consumer attitudes and to observe the impact of environmental awareness on consumer attitudes.Also a comparison was made between the environmental awareness and consumer attitudes on two groups’ professionals and non-professionals. The organic food products were the green products selected for this study. The total sample was equally divided into two group professionals and non-professionals. Stratified random sampling was used and all the subjects were matched on socio-economic status and age group.Environmental Awareness Test (EAWT) by Dr. K. Yeshodharawas used to assess the environmental awareness of the subjects. The Consumer Attitude Scale used was a 5 point Likert scale designed by the author.  Mean, S.D. and ANOVAs’ were used to infer findings and prove the proposed hypothesis. The findings revealed a significant difference in consumer attitudes of the respondents of the three levels of environmental awareness (high, medium and low)and also a significant difference in consumer attitudes of professionals and non-professionals.

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