Capacity Development In The Implementation Of Community Protection In Surakarta City, Indonesia

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Joko Pramono et al.


“Civil protection” is widely used around the world as a term that describes activities to protect civilian populations from incidents and disasters. Surakarta City, Central Java, Indonesia, also has a civil protection scheme. This scheme is regulated in the Surakarta City Regional Regulation No.12 of 2018 about the Implementation of Community Protection, through the Community Protection Unit (Satlinmas-SatuanPerlindunganMasyarakat). Satlinmas members are empowered to be able to support government efforts in creating security, peace and public order. This study aims to analyze how capacity development in the implementation of community protection in Surakarta City, Indonesia. The research method is descriptive qualitative by collecting data through observation, interviews and documentation. Data were analyzed using capacity building theory at the individual, organizational and system levels. The results found that the capacity building in Surakarta was still not optimal. At the individual level, Satlinmas members have not received adequate education and training. At the organizational level, there are no SOP (Standard Opera and other support regulations. At the system level, the policies made have not been able to fulfill the needs of Satlinmas members in carrying out their duties, main and functions optimally.

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