Factors Affecting Work Stress And Performance With Compensation Moderation In Working Load Relationships On The Performance Of Private Teachers In East Kalimantan

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Suyanto et al.


Lecturers as the spearhead in producing quality graduates in higher education are expected to always give the best performance at work. Good lecturer performance is influenced by many factors including workload, work conflict compensation and lecturer work stress so it is interesting to do further field research. The purpose of this study is to analyze and investigate the influence of work conflict and workload factors as internal factors among lecturers that have an impact on work stress and performance as well as the role of compensation mediators on the relationship between workload and lecturer performance in private universities in East Kalimantan. This study also took a sample of 259 lecturers as respondents in several districts and cities in East Kalimantan Province. Questionnaires were distributed to all samples to determine respondents' perceptions of the variables studied and collected in tabulated data. The tabulated data results were further analyzed using Smart PLS 3.3.2 software and descriptive statistics and inferential statistics to solve the equation structure model used in this study. The study found that work conflict has a positive and significant direct effect on job stress and performance. Workload has a positive and significant effect on work stress and performance. Meanwhile, work stress has a positive but insignificant effect on performance. Compensation is not able to strengthen the relationship between workload and performance.

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