Manuscript Of Al-Khorezmi “Manakib Abi Khanifa”

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Raziya B. Matibayeva et al.


This article will focus on a rare manuscript devoted to the description of life, work, eyewitness accounts and legends about Abu Hanifa and little-known facts of his biography. The author of this relatively fully preserved manuscript is Abul Muayyad Muhammad ibn Mahmud al-Khorezmi (d. 665 AH, 1266-67 A.D.). In Islamic studies, he is better known as the author of the work “Jami Masanid al-Imam al-Azam”. The book, to which this article is devoted, is currently kept in the Istanbul Sulaimoniy Library in the section of rare manuscripts under number 1631 and is called “Manahib Abi Hanifa”. The last page of this 192-sheet work states that the manuscript was completed in mid-January 1389 (in 791 according to the lunar Muslim calendar, Hijri). The size of the pages is 27x20 cm, the text is 16x11 cm, on average 23 lines fit on one page.

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