Cooperation and Interaction between Village and Sub-District Government in Administration Services Innovation: An Evidence in Lampung Province Indonesia

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Henni Kusumastuti et al.


This study briefly analyzes the interaction process between village and sub-district government actors in the management of population administration service innovation. The research method used is a qualitative descriptive approach. The data were obtained through primary data and secondary data. Qualitative data analysis begins with collecting data through interviews and studying relevant various documents which related to the object of research, then reporting the results of the research. The results showed that there was an imbalance in the process and interaction between actors, the village government and the Village Consultative Body. The head of a village at the end of his term is not required to provide a report so that the evaluation function of the performance assessment does not run optimally. However, the governance of public service innovation in several villages in South Lampung has involved universities through various collaborations such as the implementation of community Service and research activities. The findings  also reveal that research and partnership activities optimize improving the service administration system. Furthermore, the actors have played a role in carrying out the socialization of the implementation of innovation programs to accelerate the realization of independent villages


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