The Intensification Of Learning Uzbek Language Using Moodle Technology

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Dilnoza Yuldasheva


The theme of the article is «The intensification of teaching Uzbek language using Moodle technology». Be that as it may, indeed these days the impact of computerization influences by implication points and substance of tall instruction committed to Uzbek language. Educator of unused era ought to be able to select and utilize computer innovations which suit substance and purposes of instructing and which is able to offer assistance understudies to succeed in agreeable way taking into thought their identities. So, investigation of inquire about considers appears us, that in show disdain toward of significant progression in realization of diverse computer advances, their potential is utilized inadequately since of need of data around mixed media fabric, calculation of its planning and methodological suggestions how to utilize it. Subsequently, inadequately availability of strategy in educating Uzbek with the assistance of computer advances is the most reason of choice this issue for our inquire about. It comprises in look and realization of diverse sorts of computer advances which is able be able to make strides level of students' information on Uzbek. Moodle framework have started to play a progressively critical part within the educating of Uzbek language. Its utilize in this setting is bolstered by a developing body of inquire about that highlights the significance of the transaction of meaning and computer-based interaction within the prepare of educating language. Some methodologists point out the significance of computer innovation amid the method of cognition. It permits understudies to secure language in significant settings for particular purposes. The purpose of this work is hypothetical and viable examination of major strategies of utilizing computer innovations and recommendation Moodle framework within the prepare of instructing Uzbek.

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