Improving The Electronic Commerce Development In The Republic Of Uzbekistan

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Khayitboyev Muhhammadi, Ochilov Ilyos Keldiyorovich, Misirov Kamoliddin


The article there consideredforeign experience in the development of electronic commerce on the basis ofthe study of scientific and methodological aspects of the organization and functioning of e-commerce system and revealed possibilities of its application in the Republic of Uzbekistan. There also studied factors affecting development of e-commerce and correlation-regression model of predicting the improvement of trade in virtual environment. There identified main directions of increasing the efficiency of e-commerce development in the country and additional information on identified subjects or objects of information exchange in order to differentiate the access to the resources and detect the level of privileges of the subject. Reliability service implements maintenance of indisputability of the subject from participation of evidence or facts on the basis of cryptographic verification. And the article were shows the  modern requirements of business there proposed to implement such measures of government regulation as licensing activities, standardization and certification of funds and insurance of electronic commerce entities (elements of unification of state regulation) besides the measures of fiscal, money-and-credit, and international trade policy. It’s essential to pay particular attention to the security of electronic transactions. In work we discuss about the issues of structural transformations and development of the sphere of information and communication technologies have been investigated in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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