Democracy at Risk: An Analysis of Electronic Voting Machines Security And Their Impact On Indian Democracy.

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Ripima Narzary


For more the two decades Elections in India are carried out by electronic voting (EVM) devices designed by two government-owned companies during the last two decades. These, recognised as EVMs in India, they are known for their simple architecture, ease of usage, and reliability, at the same time they have also been criticised for vulnerable and exploitative nature and repeated reporting of violations in elections. Despite this criticism, some elements design of the device were never officially disclosed and were not subject to a thorough objective protection review. In this paper we will discussed how EVM as machine base, are ease to serious attacks that might affect the result of the election and compromise the secrecy of the vote. We try to highlight the security reviews of EVM in this paper and its possibilities of violation which causes a great treat to any democratic country of the world.

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