The Principles Of The Farewell Pilgrimage Sermon Are The Basis Of The Objectives Of (Al-Sharia) Islamic Law

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Mohammad Ibrahim Abu Jraiban


It became clear to us that what is meant by the knowledge of “the objectives of the law” is that knowledge leading to the knowledge of the goals, meanings and purposes of the provisions of the texts of Sharia, which the wise law has observed, including the legal rulings that achieve the interests of the people. Because the scholars rolled up and circled the depths of the texts, and dealt with research and analysis, and guided to realize its essence. Some of them called it the term objectives and some of them dealt with the term virtues and psychological ailments, and what follow from that of the meanings that indicate chastity and transcendence. Within this section, the sermon came to the farewell pilgrimage, to serve as a general declaration to humanity of the rulings it included, the circumstances and conditions that he wore, and the lofty faults and meanings that resulted from them. They have become human rules and moral standards. It is seen by everyone who aims to achieve good and human happiness. The significance of that prophetic sermon also lies in its complete consideration of the goals and objectives of the various Sharia, with its focus on caring for and achieving the most important of those objectives. It is necessary from them.

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