A Study of the psychological impact of media using modified Beddington-DeAngelis function in the SIR model for contagious diseases

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Gurpreet Singh Tuteja


In this paper, we study mathematically the psychological effect of media on the transmission dynamics of contagious diseases [1]. The SIR model based on compartment theory[18] consisting of three compartments: susceptible, infected and recovered with the transmission function as modified Beddington-DeAngelis function including a parameter governing media awareness is considered. The governing differential equations are defined for the dynamical system. The reproduction number 𝑅0, of the model, is calculated using the Jacobian matrix method [12] and is found to depend on m (parameter controlling media) and δ (a measure of inhibition due to awareness of infected). The stability of the dynamical system at the equilibrium points is discussed. The numerical solution is obtained by varying the introduced parameters of the above-said function and analysed graphically.

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