Witchcraft and Witch-Hunting : Perceptions, Interventions and Resolution

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Meena Kumari , Shamsher Alam


The practices of witchcraft and witch-hunting, despite cultural and regional differentiations, have been able to maintain its global presence. Ubiquitously traced in several countries, the convention of accusing and killing people, especially women, on charges of practicing witchcraft is prevalent in India as well. Resting upon empirical data, we attempt to put forth an overview about the nature and character of these practices from the perspective of community members residing in the province which records the highest number of witchcraft related killings in India, i.e. Jharkhand. An evaluation of reasons, as well as policy interventions in place for preventing such practices in the region have been delineated in the paper. Simultaneously, fortified within the emancipatory framework of research, steps for contending and combating this protruding concern have also been advanced. Putting compendiously, the overall quintessence of this endeavour is to put forward ways to bring about the desired social change, wherein such superstition driven customs take an adieu.

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