The Influential Factor of Family Resilience: Awareness of Islamic Law on Family

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Muhammad Asrorun Niam Sholeh, Nopriadi Saputra, Adler Haymans Manurung


Covid-19 as worldwide pandemic which lead to health crisis in physical, mental, and also financial dimension is demanding resilience of family. This article is an attempt to examine resilience of family as social system and to assess impact of the Islamic law awareness and other factors on family resilience. This article is based on quantitative and cross-sectional study which involved 296 young people and family as respondents from all-over Indonesia.  The collected data was analyzed by PLS SEM approach and analyzed by SmartPLS version 3 for statistical testing. The result explained that family resilience is influenced by the awareness of Islamic law on marriage, parenting quality, and personal financial management. The awareness also impacts on personal financial management and parenting quality. By leveraging awareness of Islamic law in young people and family, it is going to improve the family resilience during Covid 19 crisis 

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