COVID 19 - A Metamorphosis In Indian Higher Education Institutions With Technology Infused Learning

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Veena Shenoy et al.


Change is crucial for institutions in a growing and highly competitive environment. COVID 19 pandemic made a revolution in Indian higher education institutions by adapting to technology in the classroom. The purpose of this paper is to understand the technology adoption, teaching, and learning process towards virtual classrooms during Lockdown due to COVID 19, India. Inductive reasoning used in this study and qualitative research methods is used to collect the data from faculties and students associated with the Higher education institutions in Bangalore, India. The finding of the study suggests that during the lockdown period, faculty have undergone the process of technology adoption, whereas students are involved with various online modes of learning. This study is confined to the positive side of COVID 19 and Change in the education sector by adapting to technology and engaging students with various virtual sessions. The current study is limited to the sample frame of 50 from faculty and 48 from students from the Higher education institutions at Bangalore, India, hence finding of this study cannot be generalized for entire India. The emotions and perceptions of faculty and students towards the usage of technology may differ based on the location. There was lots of resistance in teaching fraternity towards adapting to technology. We intended to understand the emotions of students and faculty and crisis based change and not on creating hype for technology adaption or virtual classrooms. Moreover, the focus has to be given on a hybrid system of education. That helps in sustainability and education ambidexterity.

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