Human Resource Management Of Bureaucracy In Indonesia: Is It True That Job Satisfaction Increases Employee Performance ?

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Meimoon Ibrahim, Ilyas Lamuda


Objective: This study aims to analyze how the effect of leadership variables on employee performance with job satisfaction as intervening in the provincial government of Gorontalo-Indonesia.

Methods: The approach used is explanatory research, pattern of research that seeks to explain the relationship of variables referred so that the relationship of these variables can be tested with a quantitative approach and hypothesis testing used is the method of Structural Equation Modeling, with analytical tools of Loading Factor and Critical Ratio which is preceded by a validity test and reliability test.  The sample was drawn randomly according to representative samples at the level of the position group as many as 5% employee population of the Provincial it.

Results ;The results of the study show that leadership style has a positive and significant influence on job satisfaction and leadership style has an effect on employees' performance, but job satisfaction has negative and non-significant effect on employee performance. Conclusion; Expected that this research could also be developed in other fields or a wider scope and not only because each region has different characteristics. So it is recommended that policy makers as bureaucratic managers to pay more attention to job satisfaction factors in order to further improve employee performance.

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