Covid-19 pandemic and Foreign Trade: A Comparative Analysis in Indian Context

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Devasish Hazarika


Covid-19 and lockdown as its preventive measure hit Indian Economy at a worst time. The trade performances prior to the pandemic was not satisfactory and held a decreasing trend in terms of the previous periods. In this paper an honest attempt has been made to analyse international trade as an Engine of Economic Growth, that is, its importance or significance in Economic Growth processes as well as to assess the comparative trend in international trade before and after the pandemic situation. This paper is based on secondary data. The paper is essentially a descriptive and analytical in nature. Statistical tools like graph, table etc are used for better understanding. The foreign trade is found to be diminishing in its share while analysing the data of last 10 years prior to the pandemic and nationwide lockdown. The merchandise trade surplus in June 2020 was estimated at USD 0.79 billion as against deficit of USD 15.28 billion in June, 2019. The trade balance for service is estimated at USD 6.83 on 15th July,2020. India recorded first trade surplus since January, 2002.

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