Expanding Horizon Of E-Governance In India And Its Policy Implication

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Dr. Bikashdev Chhura, Dr. P. Marshal, Ramakant Agarwal


This paper purpose is to provide the clear vision of using ICT technology within the mainstream. The term ICT is quite new for the masses which is fully handle by the government. The government is keen focused for speed communication within the system so that work will faster, accountable, responsive and transparent. Moreover, government is trying to reduce the gap among the classes by adopting where each and all people can avail it. That is why Government has taken initiative many policy and program to achieve such concept. However, many hindrances may occurs to stop this concept such as bureaucracy and official systems. They fear the new technology on account in certain factors such as transparent, yes boss culture will eliminate and unemployment may reduce. However, government or any organization can assign man power wherever it necessary.

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