Poetic Lexicon At Andalusia Feminist Poetry

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Assistant Professor Dr. Muneer Obaid Najm


    Every poet has a set of vocalizations that he used to use in his poetry until it became his own stylistic feature, and Ibn Rashiq Al-Qayrawani referred to this idea in his saying, “The well-known poets are well-known and familiar examples that the poet should not prepare nor use any other” (1). Each poet has his own language that distinguishes him from other poets, and they are multi-cultural and literary. They take care of it, as it represents the basic element of building poetry. Lexical even carries a great aura of synonym It has congeners (2), for each creative product has its own linguistic texture in which the poet uses a special use in what his spiritual experience interacts with and intensifies in its accomplishment of his artistic ability and his philosophy of using language to reveal the spirit of renewal and the power of poetic (3), and by this, he may come out with words from Its established nature with its frozen dictionary conditions to a new nature imposed on it by the development of meanings and connotations that the poetic experience underwent in the same poet was subjected to formulate his poetic experience, realizing in the same reader and listener a delicious presence and repercussion (4), and the skillful poet is the one who can formulate from the word what he wants and give it Hair heat.

  The headmaster of the poetic dictionary of the Andalusian poet finds that the word varies with the contrast of the subject that you are dealing with. For example, spinning requires words characterized by tenderness and sweetness, while rough preaching requires a luxurious sentence and the situation with praise, and if we find that the Andalusian poet has participated in most poetry arts and recorded thin poems in Most of its doors were used to flirt with a man just as it does in a man, and they were praised, spoiled and inherited in a manner similar to that of the man (5).

       Therefore, we found it appropriate to address the feminist Andalusian poetic lexicon, according to the purposes that the Andalusian poet addressed and became famous for.

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