A Study on the Heat Transfer Rate Performance of the Hot Water Circulating in the Tubes in the Hot Water Panels Laid in the Walls and Floor of a Small Leisure Cabin in Relation to Changes in the Temperature and Flow Rate of the Hot Water

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Dong-Hyun Cho


In this study, hot water panels were laid in the three walls as well as the floor of a small leisure cabin to implement radiant heating with the heat supplied by the hot water circulating inside the hot water tubes in the hot water panels. As a result of the study as such, compared to the forced convection heating at the current technology level in which air is forced to circulate by the air conditioner, the radiant heat transfer by the hot water panels laid in the floor and walls of the small leisure cabin in this study implemented more comfortable heating and wellbeing heating beneficial to health because it implemented heating without any movement or circulation of air. In addition, this study investigated heater accessories suitable for small leisure cabins not larger than 6 m2 to significantly reduce thermal energy and manufacturing costs. The thermal energy lost by hot water per unit time and the thermal energy obtained by air inside the small leisure cabin per unit time coincided well at the accuracy of ±5%. Therefore, the reliability of the result of the heat transfer rate accuracy experiment in this study was secured. As the mass flow rate of the hot water increased, the heat transfer rate performance of the small leisure cabin improved. In addition, as the mass flow rate of hot water increased, the heat transfer rate performance of the small leisure cabin improved linearly.

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