The influence of Ecology on the Identity of a Child in Kashmera Sheth's Boys Without Names

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Faisal Lafee Alobeytha, Abdul Hamid Salim Al-Douhani


Victims of child labour trafficking endure chronic trauma where they often suffer from physical and psychological exploitation. This paper examined the role of ecology in the identities developments of the children before and during abducting and recruiting them as trafficked children. Kashmera Sheth's Boys Without Names (2010) was selected to be the sample of this study. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System Theory (1994) guided the theoretical framework. The findings of this article exhibited that (i) ecological structures contribute to the identity development of children, (ii) ecological nests paved the road for the traffickers to abduct and recruit their victims, (iii) traffickers at all times intend to abolish and rape the identity of the victims and (iv) young adult literature is an appropriate sort of literature for raising the awareness of child trafficking

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