Development of Spiritual Leadership in Educational Institutions Integrated with Buddhism

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Phra Sakda Chanasapo(Sommanawattana) et al.


This academic article aimed to propose development of spiritual leadership in educational institutions integrated with Buddhism. Data was collected by using documentary study form the content related to spiritual leadership, educational management and Buddhist principle. Results of the study showed that a successful leader or executive or a good supervisor was one who can apply leadership principle in the management which can adjust the environment in order for subordinates or associates to share their minds to work for the most benefit of the performance. The management has leadership, as can be seen from the confidence and trust in the leader by providing support and assistance from subordinates, giving freedom to work, and hearing opinions from subordinates. Considering current leadership concepts such as visionary leadership, transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, and cultural leadership were found to be coherent in the idea that leaders have sharp vision and a future vision that is growing spiritual leadership. Therefore, it is very popular in today's society because it is sensitive not less than religious aspect. It is an effective leader in educational institutions, thus being able to provide education to excellence in the 21st century which emphasizes virtue, the strength, and deep commitment of the people in the organization which consists of important principles of oneself governance, personnel governance and work control.

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