Self-Development Potential for Progressive Work

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Phrakrukosolpariyattayanukij (Tharueti Rungchaiwitoon) et al.


It is possible to develop ourselves to advance our career and collective work, even though self-improvement is very difficult.  So, for the purpose of human resource development, the article identified the keys to personal development, based on the philosophy of VETS, namely V = Vision is the vision of the organization in the future, which is derived from wisdom, ideas, possible and consistent with goals and organizational obligations, E = Education is a method of human resource development that is necessary in one way because it increases the qualifications of human resources to have more knowledge due to technological changes adaptations, T = Training is to increase the knowledge, expertise, ability and change the attitudes, attitudes, feelings of the participants, S = Study tour is an activity that will help us to do the best practice. Study tour has many advantages, example, it helps to observe the business in other departments, their office operations, process of working, etc.  These symbols should be in conjunction with the principle of path of accomplishment; basis for success (Iddhipada IV), consisting of 1) Chanta (satisfaction) is satisfaction or motivation, 2) Viriya (intention) is the indomitable intention, 3) Chitta (concentration) is a mind focused on work, 4) Wimangsa (check) is the use of intelligence to contemplate, contemplate, inspect, reason and examine even more slack, defect or failure, etc. in a business that has been known, tried, and thought to find solutions to improve. Following these principles will lead human being to develop their skills in working for oneself or for others to get a better life or to achieve   the target goals of their organizations. Finally, achieving these goals will lead to one’s happiness and ultimately will result to a successful and prosperous organization.

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