Development of Human Relations for the Happiness in New Normal Era

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Phrakrusoponpattaravet (Ittipol Padhaniko) et al.


Human Relations for happiness in New Normal era will lead to a smooth relationship and have a good understanding of each other. It creates satisfaction, pleasure, strengthening, solidarity in work. Human relations build trust and love. Reconcile each other contributes to the success of businesses with a common purpose in order to be effective in the administration of educational institutes as much as possible that must consist of Buddhist principles, namely the four principle of service (Sangahavatthu IV) which can benefit the person to live in society with happiness as an anchor for kindness and friendship between each other. It is a tool to promote interpersonal relationships to have respect for each other as appropriate as a tool to coordinate various organizations of society in every sector to remain and operate well. It is also promoted morality and to prevent the detrimental conduct of the people in society in accordance with the 4 principles of human relations that consisted of Sending, Speaking, Servicing and Supporting. Therefore, human relations for happiness integrating between Buddhist principle and the 4 principles of human relations are very importance for encouraging people in the society in New Normal era.


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