Differences of Opinion: The Debate on Thai Theravāda Bhikkhunīs

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Pichayapa Suenghataiphorn


This paper attempted to summarize the findings regarding the question about the acceptance of Theravāda bhikkhunīs in Thai society across different sections of the Thai population. The statistics approach to this research article and questionnaire sample is cross-sectional data from April 20 to May 12, 2017. Interviews and group discussions have also been utilized as a method to facilitate an open-conversation atmosphere to get our subjects speaking. Nevertheless, since the questionnaire method is anonymous, our subjects feel more at ease to express their opinions regarding the Theravāda bhikkhunī ordination debate in Thailand. Thus, it is hoped that this paper provide a better comprehension of how the Thai people perceive the role of Theravāda bhikkhunī in Thai Buddhist culture and the possibilities for their recognition in the future. Moreover, it is hoped that this research will reveal how the Thai Theravāda bhikkhunīs perceive themselves in their role inside the fourfold assembly consisting of bhikkhus, bhikkhunīs, lay men, and lay women in propagating the Gotama Buddha’s teachings.


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