The Performance of Sovereign and Non-Sovereign Bonds and Their Relation towards Yields in Malaysia

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Noriza Mohd. Saad


This study aims to investigates the significant mean different between the sovereign bonds and non-sovereign bonds performance with regards to their facets and to analyze the relationship of these bond facets towards their yield performance in Malaysia.  Secondary data used for such government bond issuances cover the period of 2015-2020. The data gathered from Bank Negara Info Bond Hub website, Bloomberg and Malaysia Energy Information Hub and others for such a Malaysian government bond facets. The results show that there is a statistically significant mean different between two types of bonds, sovereign and non-sovereign whereby the performance of their facets could be in different patterns depending on fluctuation in price respectively. Besides, there is a significant relationship between the facets of these bonds such as price, tenure and amount of issues as well as control variables towards their yields. The outcome of the study provides a reference to stakeholders as well as government as an investment options that provide a permissible return to them.

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