Rasch Analysis, Dimensionality, and Scoring of Aggressive Behavior Inventory for Junior High-School Students

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Afdal Afdal et al.


Aggressive behavior often appears in junior high-school students who are entering adolescent development and requires serious attention from many parties. To measure these behavioral tendencies, many assessment instruments have been developed but none of them use Item Response Theory. This study aims to develop and test the validity of the instrument of aggressive behavior of junior high-school students, see the level of suitability of the item and see the level of difficulty of the item and be able to see variable maps of the ability of the person to answer and the ability of items to reveal aggressive behavior. This study used a sample of 360 students with 47 items. The analysis technique used is Rasch analysis to test the reliability, person validity, item validity, and rating validity. The analysis showed that overall the inventory developed is valid and reliable (person reliability is 0.89 and item reliability is 0.98.) The rating scale results using the Andrich Threshold Value indicate that the five choices given are valid for respondents. It can be concluded that the inventory behavior aggressive is valid internally to assess aggressive behavior of junior high-school students and can be used by teachers, school counselors in identifying aggressive behavior.

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