The Importance of Religiousity and Resilience on Z-Generation and the Implication for School Counseling

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Kusnarto Kurniawan, Eem Munawaroh, Binti Isrofin


The youngest generation needs to possess psychological resilience to deal with the Industry 5.0 challenge. Therefore, it is important to determine the contributing factors responsible for z-generation resilience. The purpose of this study is to examine the correlation between religiousity and resilience on z-generation. Data were obtained from 455 college students of Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia. The Centrality of Religiosity Scale (CRS), developed by Huber, was used to determine the five aspects of religiosity, namely intellectual dimensions, ideology, public and private practice, as well as a religious experience. Meanwhile, the Brief Resilience Scale developed by Smith, Dalen, Wiggins, Tooley, Christopher, and Bernard (2008) was used to measure resilience. The result showed that religiousness significantly correlated to the resilience of the z-generation.

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