The Body Image Profile of Student of Universitas Negeri Padang in Terms of Their Admission

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Verlanda Yuca, Puji Gusri Handayani, Daharnis Daharnis, Zadrian Ardi, Elrisfa Magistarina, Ifdil, Frischa Meivilona Yendi


The most basic human needs are physiological needs. Human physical appearance, as a part of physiological needs, is considered as an essential part of people's lives. That essential part determines the formation of body image (self-image) in the community. Body image is a mental picture of the state of the human body. That is how people give values of the size and shape of their bodies or others' opinions about them. This study aims to describe the body image of students in terms of their admission. This study uses a quantitative approach to the type of descriptive research. The sampling technique used Simple Random Sampling on 161 students of Universitas Negeri Padang. Data collection techniques through questionnaires with descriptive analysis. The research findings show that a picture of the body image condition of UNP students on average is in the medium category with the reliability of 0.824.

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