China’s BRI: Regional Prospects and Implications

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Dr. Iram Khalid, Dr. Muhammad Iqabl Chawla


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by China has emerged as one of the most important factors in the upcoming global politics. This plan can impact both regional and global politics. There are multidimensional and multifaceted repercussions of BRI for the international global politics. This paper describes the details of BRI, the micro-plans which are being planned under this program. Then, it enlists the economic and international politics benefits which China would gain from this plan. After that, this paper enumerates the possible benefits of BRI for the regional countries like Pakistan. In addition to that, this paper also highlights the possible global and regional challenges which China might face while completing and getting benefits out of this plan. After conducting a critical analysis of BRI’s trajectory, its possible global and regional repercussions for the emerging international politics, its benefits for China and the possible challenges this paper concludes that no matter how beneficial this plan can be for Chinese global economic position there are multiple challenges which China will have to tackle with. Otherwise, BRI can lose its potential economic and global benefits both in the region and in the larger world politics.

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