Communication Assistance under Urban Vicinity in VANETs

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Dr. S. Satheesbabu, Dr. A. Thomas Paul Roy, Dr. P. Gokulakrishnan


Vehicular Ad Hoc NETworks (VANET) has turn up as a stand to support intelligent vehicles communication, transport safety and performance.Road accidents and traffic congestion are the significant issues of metropolitan territories. In spite of the fact that endless arrangements are given for these issues, still there is no fitting answer for street mishap recognition. Likewise, because of the deferral in arriving at the emergency vehicle to the mishap area and accordingly the gridlock in the middle of the mishap area and clinic expands the probabilities of the passing of the person in question. Thus, it is needed to give handheld answer for the general public.This paper introduces a handheld solution to reduce the loss of life due to accidents and the time taken by the ambulance to reach the hospital. First, the proposed system finds out the road accidents automatically with the help of sensors in intelligent vehicles.  Second, an alert is sent to all nearby hospitals after the road accident. This system maintains a database server which holds all hospital details in around the city. A GPS or GSM gadget in the concerned vehicle will send the area character of the mishap to the close by medical clinics through primary worker and afterward a rescue vehicle from very closest clinic is shipped off the mishap spot. Alongside these, there would be an effect of traffic inside the way of the emergency vehicle utilizing RF correspondence. This will limit the hour of ambulances to arrive at the clinic.Third, this system maintains another database for all kind of mechanical services. This system provides support to the roadsiders while the vehicle got breakdown or any other service issues in the vehicle. It also saves the time of the driver and unnecessary delay. Altogether, this system provides the appropriate handheld solution to the vehicle drivers and the society.

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