Application of the King's Philosophy in the Professional Learning Community to Develop Classroom Learning Promotion Network in Schools in Kanchanaburi Province

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Karanphon Wiwanthamomgkon


The purpose of this research was conducted by research and development using Participatory Action Research (PAR) which applied article was to the King's Philosophy in the professional learning community and the systematic thinking to develop classroom learning promotion network. The purposes of this research article were 1) to study the background of the school and the need of the network development, 2) to develop the model, 3) to study result of model utilization, 4) to evaluate and conduct the lessons learned. The target group of the study were from 31 teachers from 6 schools who attended the network development with volunteering. Results indicated that 1) all educational organization realize the important and need of network development, 2) results of the developed model that assessed by experts showed at good level (Mean = 3.82, S.D. = 0.67). Process of networking operation with 3 steps consisted of step 1 is to build the network and set the target, step 2 is to cooperate creative network development, and step 3 is to conduct lessons learned and extend learning network. 3) Result of model utilization showed the cooperation of school directors, teachers, students, and CCF foundation, and it was shown 92.59 percent in collaborative action. 4) Results of evaluate and conduct the lessons learned showed that the use of networking to promote learning management was good level, self-development of teacher was at good level, development of classroom management of teachers was at good level, students showed good level after the development, students have shown learning behavior and knowledge at reasonable level

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