Global Media and Foreign Culture: A Sociological Analysis of Tribal Community in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab-Pakistan

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Muhammad Adeel Kamran et al.


Usage of global media has been increasing in the modern world. It has also impact on cultural traits, societal values, and cultural identity. The present study examined the extent and nature of the usage of global media and the level of adoption of foreign culture in tribal community of Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab province-Pakistan. Global media includes radio, satellite TV and internet. Foreign culture is operationalized as foreign language, dress, and food. The sample of 420 respondents was selected from the Tehsil Koh-e-Suleman (District Dera Ghazi Khan) through Multistage sampling technique. Spearmen correlation was used to examine the relationship between the usage of global media and adoption of foreign culture among the respondents. The results showed that global media has significant relationship with foreign culture e.g. foreign language (P= .003), foreign dress (P=.026) and foreign food (P=.000). In nutshell, it is concluded that technological development has impact on the cultural traits, societal values, and social relationship of the tribal people of Pakistan. Research implications of the investigation are also discussed.

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