Multifaceted Rasch Analysis for Clinical Supervision instrument assessment of Islamic Religious Education Teachers

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Yuni Asdhiani, Ari Saptono, Komarudin


This study aims to analyze (1) validation of clinical supervision assessment instruments; (2) the reliability of the clinical supervision assessment instrument. This study was adapted using research & development using the borg & gall development model. The results of the expert assessment were analyzed with the help of the Multi-Rater Facet Rasch (MRFR) using the facet software. The results of this study indicate: (1) validation results The content of the clinical supervision instrument for Islamic Religious Education teachers is based on the CVR value of 0.99, so all items are declared valid and suitable for further research (3) The reliability results in large-scale research with a reliability value of 0.98 means that the instrument has high quality stability. high enough it shows good inter-rater reliability.

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