Women's Communication Skills in Implementing the Role of Regional Leaders in Bekasi, Indonesia

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Hamida Syari Harahap, Anna Gustina Zainal, Ika Dewi Sartika Saimima


This study aims to analyze the communication skills of female village heads in carrying out their roles as regional leaders. This research uses a qualitative approach. In this case, the researcher analyzed the communication skills of the female village heads in three regions, namely Kaliabang, Bantar Gebang, and Jatiluhur villages. Data was analyzed using NVivo 12 software.The theory used in this research is the standpoint theory  The results showed that differences in characteristics showed different points of view of the Lurah in carrying out the role of leader when communicating the program. The Head of the KT Village communicates the program by exemplary and patience, the Head of the BG Urban Village communicates the program with openness, the Head of JL Village communicates the program by modeling and forming independent citizens. Standpoint theory is used to see different points of view in communicating the program. Different characteristics from different points of view in program communication skills

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