Women in Bollywood

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Umang Gupta, Dr. Rakesh Prakash


Cinema Industry is a popular form of mass media believed to entertain. This experience helps the audience to skip to the world that is ascetically different from the real world, the land which helps them to escape from the daily drudge of life. Cinema is a popular form of art medium which plays a vital role in reinforcing dominant cultural values, constructing images and molding opinion. This research article deals with the portrayal of women in mainstream cinema “Bollywood”. It is important to examine this issue as women are the large part of country’s population and therefore their representation on screen is essential for determining the existing stereotypes in society. This paper will investigate about how mainstream Hindi cinema is restricted with limited defined sketches of womanhood. It will also examine about whether the mainstream Hindi Cinema has been successful in representing women’s different shades through celluloid screen in a society with patriarchal values. The data collected for the research work is secondary. This study is exploratory and the method used for research is qualitative.

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