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Khushnud Yakubov, Anbarjon Egamova


The ongoing renewal of educational technologies in higher education, the introduction of innovative didactics, the formation of the education, development, and personal growth systems of the future specialist within the university are faced initially with a number of intractable psychological and pedagogical problems. The most significant of them are associated with the fact that not all teachers are ready today to become the innovative personnel in their field of specialization. of innovation [1]. It is more and more obvious that the creativeness of an individual cannot be the result of mass systems and forms of education. Modern education on the verge of entering the information age can become a cultural space that will allow a person to acquire a new cultural identity. But at the same time, the world of education must change itself significantly. Determination of the personal qualities of the future teacher, the characteristics of his professional activity and progress, the formation of self-development skills is today one of the main directions of improving teacher training. The preparation of a future teacher should be built as a system of conditions for ensuring the professional and self development. It is necessary that a novice teacher theoretically and practically be able to analyze his or her own professional capabilities and, on this basis, be able to form a routine for his own further professional growth at any stage of professional activity. This can be achieved by creating a desire of future be ready for professional self-development. A pedagogical institution needs to prepare future specialists for creative pedagogical activity, in which the acquired professional skills will be a means of developing the student's personality as well. The most important component of such training is an advanced creative imagination and the ability to evolve it. If in-depth knowledge is a platform for training a new generation of competent specialists, then creative activity is a springboard that gives them an advantage in everyday professional field, therefore, at the moment, the need to develop a technology for developing creative skills of students of the pedagogical institutions is of especial relevance

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