Determining of Mosque Worshipers Caring to Ward Fatwa of MUI in Preventing Covid-19 in Boja, Kendal District

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Rosidin et al.


The end of 2019 was marked by the business of humankind in this hemisphere. All countries are focused on fighting against Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) after WHO declared a Pandemic. It is also in Indonesia, from rescuing citizens abroad as effort to prevent the spread of this virus. All forces were mobilized, including the MUI religious institution. MUI contributed to preventing Covid-19 by calling on Muslims through MUI Fatwa No. 14 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of Worship in a Situation of the Covid-19 Outbreak. This article seeks to reveal how the caring of the mosque worshipers as the target of this Fatwa is carried out in daily worship. The quantitative approach of this study attempts to capture the determinants of the ummah in urban and rural areas of the Boja Kendal sub-district, from 18 Jami 'mosques in 18 villages, Boja sub-district. The population was taken from the worshipers of 10 mosques consisting of 5 urban mosques and 5 rural mosques. With the assumption of 40 active worshipers, the population will be 400 worshipers. The Kirtji-Morgan table shows a sample of at least 196 respondents, and this study uses data from 200 respondents. The results showed that the level of caring of the mosque worshipers towards the MUI fatwa was 3.27 (very care). This figure comes from 5 aspects of caring, namely the aspect of understanding others at 3.30 (very good), the aspect of feeling at 3.30 (very good), the aspect of doing something for others at 3.17 (care), the aspect of giving support for 3.34 (very caring) and aspects of supporting the spirit of others by 3.25 (care). The determinants of urban mosque worshiperscaring are 3.54 (very care) and rural areas are 3.00 (care). The contribution of understanding aspect of other people in urban are 3.64 (very care) and rural areas are 2.96 (very care), the aspect of feeling also contributes 3.51 (very care) for urban and 3.09 (care) for rural, the aspect of doing something for others, it scores 3.52 (very care) for urban and 2.81 (cares) for rural, then the value is 3.49 (very caring) urban and 3.18 (cares) the aspect of providing support, and the aspect of supporting people's enthusiasm others show a value of 3.54 (very care) for urban areas and a value of 2.96 (care) for members of rural mosques. Thus the concern of mosque worshipers in urban areas is higher than mosque worshipers in rural areas.

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