The Relationships between Social Media Facebook and Family Divorce (Study in Middle - Lass Society at Padang, West Sumatra-Indonesia)

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Reza Fahmi, Prima Aswirna


Social media such as Facebook is assumed to have become a means of social interaction at this time. However, social media can also be one of the triggers for disputes between married couples that lead to divorce. Furthermore, the purpose of this study is: (1) To get an idea of ​​the characteristics of Facebook social media users in the middle class in the city of Padang. (2) Obtaining a picture of divorce that occurs in the middle-class society in the city of Padang. (3) Finding evidence of the relationship between the use of Facebook and divorce in middle-class families in the city of Padang. The population in the study was 368 people. While the study sample was 191 people, this study uses a quantitative descriptive approachThe technique of collecting data through psychological scales and interviews. Sampling technique using simple random sampling. Data analysis techniques using the Pearson correlation. The study results found that r count = 3.86 <r table 5.92, which means there is no relationship between the use of Facebook and divorce in the family in the middle social class in the city of Padang

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