Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Logistics Industry: An Analysis

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Abhishek Tiwari


The e-commerce industry in India is growing as fast, as booming, and as expanding at a larger rate. The concept of online shopping has attracted the Indian population tremendously. Exposure to information and communication technology has been highly instrumental in e-commerce success.After the development pertained to technology, science, and information, ICT has virtually become a companion in the life of people. In emerging economies like India, the majority ofInternet users are under the age of 35, a number that is significantly higher thanthat of the developed economies. This age group loves to shop and has grown as asignificant buying group that has crossed the number of 700 million internet consumers by 2020. The huge size of the customer base of the young generation has brought a significant revolution in all industries undoubtedly. The earning capability of this generation is also expected to makethe young generation an important consumer after they enter the workforce. The workforce analytics has also shown the proven data of usage of internet among youngsters and growing industries like logistics.  Togain long term success, online retailers must involve young consumers whoare technologically savvy and have significant purchasing power (Hanford, 2005).As Logistics ensures the movement of goods/services from one place to another place, the fulfillment of its main objective wholly lies on the technology which maps that the right product reaches the right person at the right time at the right place in the right condition and the right cost. Mobile devices working across

the world proves this point.

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